Meryl Streep

John Perry Barlow
Founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Jeff Bezos
Founder and CEO,

Fred Bass
Owner, Strand Bookstore, New York

Ray Bradbury
Author, Fahrenheit 451

Bryce Cahn
8th Grade Science Teacher, Tompkins
Square Middle School, New York

Darcie Chan
Author, The Mill River Recluse

Jerrold Cooper
Professor, Semitic Languages, 
Johns Hopkins University

Robert Darnton
Director, Harvard University Library

Craig Dykers
Snøhetta Architect, New Alexandrina Library, Egypt

Jane Friedman
CEO, Open Road Integrated Media;
Former CEO, Harper Collins

John Gabrieli
Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT

Donald Leu
Professor, Literacy and Technology, 
University of Connecticut

Alberto Manguel
Author, A History of Reading

Cornelius Minor
Staff Developer, Teachers College,
Columbia University

Neveen Mourad
English Teacher, Quest2Learn, New York

Ugo Rozzo
Professor, History of Book and Print, 
University of Udine, Italy

Arana Sharpiro
Co-Director, Quest2Learn, New York

Shea Taylor
Librarian, City College of New York

Jeffrey Toobin
Journalist, The New Yorker, CNN

Scott Turow
Author, Lawyer, President of the Authors Guild

William Voelkle
Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts,
The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York

Michael Wesch
Professor, Cultural Anthropology, 
Kansas State University

Maryanne Wolf
Professor, Child Development, Tufts University

Ira Wolfman
VP, Weekly Reader Publishing